Vacuum cleaner Deerma DEM-T30W

Kód: DEM-T30W
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Detailní popis produktu

Deerma DEM-T30W Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The Deerma DEM-T30W is a vertical cordless vacuum cleaner with an optical dust-detecting lamp, allowing you to notice even the smallest dust. The device has a suction power of 23kPa, effectively removing all particles, so you can enjoy a flawlessly clean floor. The nine-stage filter design instantly separates dust from the air. The set includes a suction nozzle with a brush, which can be used for cleaning cars or vacuuming curtains. After cleaning, simply press one button to empty the dust container.


The vacuum cleaner comes with both a long tube and an electric floor nozzle that sweeps impurities inside, which are great for vacuuming large areas. When precision is needed, both the tube and the electric nozzle can be removed, and a crevice nozzle with a brush can be attached for more precise vacuum cleaner maneuvering and reaching into crevices, e.g., in a car.

Optical Lamp

Dust particles are often invisible in dimly lit rooms, hence the vacuum cleaner's electric brush has a green optical lamp that illuminates dust particles, making them cast a shadow and noticeable. Prevent dust and mite allergies with the Deerma DEM-T30W vacuum cleaner!

High Suction Power

The device is characterized by an efficiency of 240W, 8000 rotations per minute, and suction power of 23kPa, which effectively sucks in dirt, saving you time for relaxation or personal development. The new brush installed in the vacuum cleaner resembles a paint roller, using soft and hard fibers for crevice cleaning without scratching the floor.

Forget About Cables

The Dreema DEM-T30W vacuum cleaner gives you the freedom to clean without worrying about whether the cable is long enough to reach every corner of the apartment or moving around the apartment and switching the cable to another socket. With this cordless vacuum cleaner, you can move without any restrictions! The 2500mAh battery allows you 45 minutes of cleaning. It requires 5.5h of charging.

Dust Container

The dust container has a maximum capacity of 0.56 liters, so you don't have to clean it often. The transparent material allows you to constantly check whether the vacuum cleaner has accidentally sucked in something important. When necessary, you can release the container flap with one button to throw out all its contents and optionally wash it.

Package Contents

  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Vacuum Cleaner Tube
  • Crevice Nozzle
  • Electric Floor Nozzle
  • Storage Bracket
  • Positioning Sticker
  • Screw x 2
  • Expansion Plugs x 2
  • Manual
Charging Voltage26V
Charging Current0.5V
Operating Voltage21.6V
Electric Brush Motor Speed8000RPM
Operating Time45min
Battery Capacity2500mAh
Charging Time5.5h
Suction Power23kPa
Dust Container Capacity0.35L (effective), 0.56L (maximum)

Doplňkové parametry

Kategorie: Vysavače, čističky a klimatizace
Záruka: 12 měsíců
Hmotnost: 9.396 kg
Pracovní doba: Do 45 min
Doba nabíjení: Ok. 5,5 h
Množství v kartonu: 1 ks.
Power: 240 W
Kapacita baterie: 2500 mAh
Kapacita zásobníku na prach: 0,35 l
Otáčky motoru: 8000 OTÁČEK ZA MINUTU
Sací síla: 23 kPa
Varianta: univerzální

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