Mechanical keyboard Royal Kludge RK96 RGB, red switch (blue)

Kód: RK96-1
2 165 Kč 1 789 Kč bez DPH
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Royal Kludge RK96 RGB Mechanical Keyboard, Red Switch (Blue)

Are you looking for a reliable piece of equipment that will excel both at work and during leisure time? The Royal Kludge mechanical keyboard is an ideal choice! It will adapt to you in every way, as you can not only easily swap switches but also connect to it in various ways. What's more, its well-thought-out construction will ensure uninterrupted comfort during use, and its built-in battery will provide a long working time.


Many Possibilities

The Royal Kludge keyboard was designed for various usage scenarios. It is equipped with multiple ports, including 2x USB and USB-C, allowing you to connect several devices simultaneously. It is compatible with phones, mass storage devices, mice, headphones, and more! Additionally, it uses RK Red switches, providing a more pleasant and quieter typing experience. They are equally suitable for gaming enthusiasts and those looking for a keyboard suitable for work.


Well-Thought-Out Construction

What sets the Royal Kludge keyboard apart is its well-thought-out construction. It is made of durable materials, ensuring high durability and resistance. Furthermore, its multi-layer structure allows noise reduction, ensuring quiet operation that won't disturb others in the room. Moreover, it allows for easy switch replacement. In the package, you will find a magnetic wrist rest for comfortable wrist support.


Customized to Your Needs

The Royal Kludge keyboard will adapt to your needs. In the dedicated computer application, you can change its settings according to your expectations. You will be able to change key functions and choose your preferred lighting, personalizing the keyboard for even more comfortable work!


Multiple Connection Options

Royal Kludge responds to users' needs and offers the possibility to connect to the keyboard in 3 different ways! If you prefer traditional solutions, choose the wired connection using a cable. However, if you want to get rid of tangled wires, connect to your selected devices via 2.4 GHz or Bluetooth (where you can connect to up to 3 devices simultaneously). Moreover, you can easily switch between connected devices using a special switch located on the keyboard.


Long Battery Life

Worried that the keyboard will run out of power at the most inconvenient moment? With Royal Kludge, you can leave those worries behind! It is equipped with a 3750mAh battery, allowing it to work for up to 250 hours (with the backlight turned off). Don't worry even when its power is depleted, as you can recharge it in approximately 6-7 hours.


RGB Lighting

Add more colors to your work! The Royal Kludge keyboard is equipped with RGB backlighting, covering up to 16.8 million colors. Moreover, you have 14 different modes at your disposal. Customize the colors to match your current mood or the game you're playing, giving your keyboard a unique look!


Included in the Package

  • Keyboard
  • Additional switches x 4
  • Keycap puller
  • USB Type-C cable
  • User manual
Manufacturer Royal Kludge
Model RK96 red switch
Color Blue
Switch Type Red Switch
Layout 96 keys
Battery 3750mAh
Battery Life Approx. 250h (with backlight off)
Charging Time 6-7h
Connection 2.4GHz, wired, Bluetooth
Backlight RGB
Additional Features Hotswap

Doplňkové parametry

Kategorie: Komponenty
Záruka: 12 měsíců
Hmotnost: 1.4 kg
Množství v kartonu: 10 ks
Connection: Wireless (Bluetooth)
Backlight: RGB
Switch type: Przełączniki mechaniczne - Red
Color: black
Varianta: universal

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