Gold Anamorphic Lens 1.55x Freewell for Galaxy and Sherp

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Gold 1.55x Anamorphic Filter by Freewell for Galaxy and Sherpa

Discover the essence of mobile cinematography with the Freewell 1.55x anamorphic filter, which will enhance your smartphone's capabilities and make creating masterpieces easier. Thanks to the PRESS TWIST LOCK mounting system, you will always be ready to capture unique moments. This accessory is dedicated to Sherpa and Galaxy series cases.


Refined Mounting System

The Freewell filter is designed for filmmakers who value their time and utilizes the intuitive PRESS TWIST LOCK mounting system, guaranteeing quick and secure attachment of the lens to your device. A slight twist is all it takes to secure the filter, allowing you to focus on creating without experiencing technical difficulties.


The Significance of Details

The Freewell anamorphic filter ensures exceptional image quality. By employing advanced technologies such as a high refractive index and minimal dispersion, it provides crystal-clear clarity and impeccable sharpness from the center to the edges of the frame. This accessory sets new standards in smartphone filmmaking.


Unleash Your Imagination

Achieving a 2.76:1 aspect ratio, typical of cinematic productions, has never been easier! The Freewell anamorphic filter horizontally compresses the image, expanding your creative possibilities and allowing you to capture more space in every shot.


Let the Colors Enchant You

The gold filter will allow you to infuse warmth and a retro-style atmosphere into your materials. This will easily emphasize the tone and mood of your storytelling. Furthermore, you can enhance the quality of your creativity by equipping yourself with separately available ND, MIST, or CPL filters.

Manufacturer Freewell
Model FW-SH-GANM55
Compatibility Compatible with Sherpa and Galaxy series cases

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