Car inverter voltage converter Green Cell INV10 12V to 230V 2000W/4000W, modified sine wave

Kód: INV10
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Green Cell INV10 12V to 230V 2000W/4000W modified sine wave auto voltage inverter.

Trip by motorhome? A lawnmower on a plot of land without access to electricity? Each of these devices, as well as many others, will supply electricity from the inverter. The car inverter allows you to connect devices that require 230V AC for power. High quality components, certified safety, failure-free - these are the three most important features of GC inverters.


Easy operation - robust design

Thanks to the well-thought-out design, the use of the voltage converter is easy, safe and comfortable. On the front of the inverter, depending on the model, there is one or more power sockets, adapted to the most popular European schuko plug. As a result, the inverter can be used to power a wide range of electrical devices - from smartphones to a trimmer, power tools, pressure washer and many others. The whole thing is enclosed in a small, yet very durable housing, made of high-quality aluminum. This makes the inverter resistant to any mechanical damage and shocks that occur during travel.


Parameters that matter

When looking for an inverter, pay attention to parameters such as voltage [V] and power [W]. This is crucial, because choosing an inverter with the wrong input voltage or with too little power will not allow our devices to work. The first parameter to be determined is the battery voltage, which should be fully compatible with that indicated on the inverter. Once the voltage has been chosen, it is necessary to decide on the power of the inverter. It has a key aspect, as it tells us how much and what devices it is able to supply with current.


2 ways of power supply

Depending on what devices will be powered by the inverter, you can choose a pure or modified sine wave variant. If an appliance requires a pure sine wave, that is, the same as in an electrical outlet (such as a refrigerator, microwave and other appliances with an induction motor), a pure sine wave inverter is better for the application. For less demanding appliances, such as light bulbs, a laptop, a kettle, a computer or any other device that runs on a modified sine wave without problems, you can choose an inverter with a modified sine wave.


Smart fan

The correct temperature of the device is supervised by an intelligent fan, which automatically turns on when the operating temperature exceeds the allowed one. Thanks to its manufacture with the highest quality materials and perfect fit to the case, it will ensure uncompromising silence while maintaining high performance.


Safety first

The inverter is equipped with a number of necessary safety features to protect the user and connected devices. This is confirmed by CE and RoHS certifications, which mean a guarantee of safety. Green Cell inverters have a replaceable fuse, which is an essential protection for the inverter and connected devices. Its replacement is very simple and should not cause anyone the slightest problem. We include spare fuses with each inverter to guarantee complete safety and the longest possible operation of the equipment.


In the set

  • inverter
  • cables for direct connection to the battery
  • spare fuses
  • instruction manual
Manufacturer Green Cell
Model INV10
Color Black
Indicator LEDs
Output voltage 230V
Input voltage 12V DC
Output frequency 50 Hz
Instantaneous power (impulse) 4000 W
Usable power (continuous) 2000 W
Fuse value 30 A
No-load power consumption 1,3A
Number of fuses 6
Dimensions 315 x 178 x 76 mm
Weight 3772 g
Output voltage shape Modified sine wave

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Kategorie: Příslušenství a komponenty
Záruka: 12 měsíců
Hmotnost: 4.38 kg
Množství v kartonu: 6 ks
Varianta: universal

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